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Sunday, July 19, 2009
Best Taxi uncle ever!!!
I've met the best taxi uncle in singapore!!! lol!!
let me tell u the story.. haha..

I was teaching children church the 20th anniversary dance from 1pm-3pm
than i have my own 20th anniversary dance rehersal from 2pm-5pm

so i teach my kids from 1-230 at expo
than i take a can down from expo to Oschool, which is lavander... lol...
as u all noe... if u take cab from expo, there's a surcharge of $2!!!!
but the unce nv charge me!!! lol..

after i've reach Oschool, i realise my new era cap i left it in the CAB!!!
so i call the Comfort lost and found hotline...
BUT THE HOTLINE ONLY OPERATE DURING OFFICE HOURS!!!!(than whats the point with the hotline??)

so in the end i call the comfort/citycab booking taxi hotline...


in the end... the taxi uncle drive back to Oschool and pass it to me!!! WHOOOHOOOO!!!
have u ever seen a taxi uncle so good b4??
haha... thats all for today! byebye!

Sign off

Monday, July 6, 2009
wah... tag board tio flood... i lazy to blog le leh... lol... haha...
ok come... let blog..

hmmmm... i have been slacking at home for lyk 1week le!!! but finally got something to do le...

tmr with is tue, teach at IG from 8pm-9pm
wed, teach my northview pri de kids 2pm-4pm
thur, smu RAW concert... help them to beatbox..
fri, teach my northview kids again, dan night cg...
sat, service...
sun, 3:16 practice...

ok tats all ba.. lol...

sign off

Tuesday, June 2, 2009
Fever! -_-
TeR is having a FEVER!!! 38.1!!! lol... after few year im sick again... lol...

Sunday, May 31, 2009

this is SG Best bestboxer!!! DHARNI!!!
and he got into top 8!! yea!!

and lets compare with this...

boucy... i think he pay his own transport there lo... xia sway singapore leh... lol...

Shawn Lee... he is from CHC KL!!! Praise God that he got in top 16!!


Saturday, May 30, 2009
ok back to blooging le...

this week seem like a longgggggggggg week... also dont know why... but just feel its long lo...teach beatbox from monday to thursday... friday night go for BS... its crazily GOOD!!! the presence of God is so STRONG!!!! after BS felt so refresh...

Today KO Night after letting everybody go in... suddenly feel very sian/tired... dont know why also... just suddenly sian/tried lo... after KO Night went PS Kopitiam to eat... than go home le...

tomorrow EMERGE!!! gonna see my kids dance le.. haha... after service rush down to YMCA to teach beatbox from 1-3 than go home le... go home do housework.. sian -_-


Sign Off

Sunday, May 24, 2009
disappointed in myself =(

How to look not slack??
How to look not slack??

I need to try to be myself and dont look slack

Q1. Why do look slack??

Because of my attitude?
Or i need to change dance style?? LOL!
Or i just need to open my eyes bigger???

Okay... I'll try to change ba... haha...

I say TRY... So may still fail de...

But i will really try k... haha...

let talk abt today KO night... hmmmmmm.... the one who impress me the most is "ronald" from "Stay Strong Boogaloo" and "Jeremy" from "J Soul" ronald he like really know all the popping song in the world... lol! and his pop is really huge....haha... and for jeremy his interpretation of music is sick!!! and his musicality oso la... haha... after KO night went to PS to eat... wait for my order for like 30min leh!!! just an ebi rice burger... wait till quite sian lo...eat finish slack at KFC awhile dan go home le....

ps: gen u better take care of your back ar.... dun strain it le...

Sign Off

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